Board Certified Laparoscopic Surgeon- Dr Valeria Simone

Board Certified General Surgeon- Dr Valeria Simone

She is Board Certified General Surgeon highly experienced in advanced laparoscopic surgery at Southlake General Surgery, Southlake, Texas. She has recently relocated to serve the North Texas Community after spending the last two decades training from being a chemical engineer to becoming a surgeon between Miami, Boston and New York.

After spending the last 6 years as an academic surgeon at Columbia University, where she trained residents on becoming surgeons, she decided to dedicate herself to building a surgical practice that fulfilled her aspiration to deliver individualized, compassionate and expert care.

Academics & Qualifications:

Undergraduate Education

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT
  • BS in Chemical Engineering
  • BS in Biology
  • Minor in Psychology

Medical School

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Doctor of Medicine

Surgical Training

  • University of Miami/Jackson Memorial
  • Hospital/Ryder Trauma Center
  • General Surgery Internship and Residency
  • Trauma and Surgical Oncology Surgery


  • South Florida Advanced Surgical Institute
  • Minimally invasive Bariatric, Colorectal and Advanced Surgical Endoscopy


  • Montefiore Medical Center Surgery
    Aortic Aneurysms Mechanics
  • Jacobi Breast Center
    Breast Cancer Resources Access
  • AECOM Gynecology Department
    Mitochondrial Mutations
  • Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard MC
    Hepatitis C Immunotherapy Treatment
  • Gillette R & D Center
    HPLC Plaque Inhibition Models
  • MIT Biomedical Laboratory
    Human Plately Factor 4 Fermentation Models


  • Columbia University General Surgery Teaching Award
  • University of Miami General Surgery Surgical Nutrition Award
  • University of Miami General Surgery Best Intern Award
  • GE and Dow Chemical’s Research Fellowship
  • MIT Academic Excellence Award
  • Air Products Fellowship
  • Miami Silver Knight and PRIDE Awards in Mathematics
  • University of Miami Book Award

Licensure and Certification

  • American Board of Surgery in General Surgery
  • Medical License in TX, NY, FL
  • Certified Pediatric/Adult Simulation Instructor
  • Certified Sim-man Simulation Instructor/Programmer

Work Experience

  • Columbia University Department of Surgery
  • Assistant Professor of Surgery and Attending Surgeon of Acute Care Surgery
  • Associate Program Director of the Columbia General Surgery Residency Program
  • Surgeon at Southlake General Surgery at Present

Dr. Valeria Simone MD: Mission, Vision & Values to represent Southlake General Surgery


To deliver expert, compassionate, streamlined, and safe surgical care of the highest quality, guided by local ownership and control, for the greater convenience, improved medical outcomes, and increased satisfaction of our patients.


We aspire to create a model surgical practice characterized by: Satisfied patients in comforting surroundings and guided by confident expertise. Conveniently close to home in a state-of-the-art facility. Efficiently cared for by compassionate local professionals. Recovering quickly with enhanced medical outcomes.


We value the following principles as the foundation on which our practice is based and as the standards by which its conduct will be guided: Quality, Precision, Compassion, Comfort and Courtesy.

About Southlake General Surgery:

 “By providing an alternative to traditional surgery, patients no longer need to travel far from home to enjoy minimal scarring, faster recovery and less post-operative pain.”

Who We Are

Southlake General Surgery Texas is world-renowned for giving high-quality, cooperative and compassionate care. Our doctors in the medical clinic have expertise in more than of 15 fortes and work as a team to diagnose and treat patients.

Any place you are coming from, Southlake General Surgery Texas is your passage to personalized healthcare services in the United States. A dynamic, multi-specialty completely incorporated clinical center gives remarkable medical diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of complex ailments.

We have world’s top physicians working collaboratively to accomplish great results. Southlake General Surgery is known for giving quality patient care and medical practice around the globe.

Southlake General Surgery Commitment

Southlake General Surgery is committed on giving the most excellent quality medical care. Our mission — compassionate, streamlined, and safe surgical care of the highest quality, guided by local ownership and control, for the greater convenience, improved medical outcomes, and increased satisfaction of our patients. The patient is the focus point of all that we do.

In its earliest days, Southlake General Surgery’s founder, Dr. Valeria Simone, MD, expressed, “The wellbeing of the patient is the main enthusiasm to be thought of.” That primary value — the requirements of the patient come first — has guided Southlake General Surgery’s practice since its commencement.

Our hierarchical needs are planned for guaranteeing that our patient focus permeates the entire organization, in every department. Southlake General Surgery will concentrate huge exertion on improving its capacity to:

  1. Build its culture of team-work and quality over the foundation, with the goal that each practice is inspected to guarantee that it contributes the most excellent quality care and services.
  2. Search for answers for each patient through individualized medication so that Southlake General Surgery can more readily comprehend disease contrasts at the hereditary level, empowering Southlake General Surgery to personalize treatments effectively.
  3. Transform the study of health care services by improving and sharing what it has learned to help the whole association and the entirety of medication.

Quality and Southlake General Surgery Hospital

Southlake General Surgery hospital characterizes quality as an extensive glance at all parts of a patient’s experience. Southlake General Surgery hospital patients look for greatness in care, clinical information, experience and innovation.

Quality can be estimated in:

  • Outcomes accomplished, for example, death rates and surgical infections.
  • Compliance with proof based procedures known to improve care.
  • Volume of patients with complex diagnoses and procedures effectively treated.
  • The safety record of the Southlake General Surgery.

Quality and services can likewise be estimated in different manners, for example,

  • The quality of time spent with each patient.
  • Making sure every patient is treated with kindness, dignity and respect by each individual from the Southlake General Surgery hospital group.
  • Making sure appointments are on schedule.
  • Ensuring all test outcomes and other patient data are accessible to each specialist whenever they require.

Quality at Southlake General Surgery hospital includes the totality of a patient’s experience, from the first call to the last appointment service.

Southlake General Surgery hospital takes pride in the quality healthcare services offered at Southlake, Texas areas and in the Southlake General Surgery Hospital Health System.

Southlake General Surgery on the move

Southlake General Surgery hospital continuously works to expand its range of health care services and build new capabilities that facilitate innovation. Southlake General Surgery also supports cutting-edge research and education of patients and medical professionals as important components supporting truly patient-centered care.

Southlake General Surgery hospital persistently attempts to extend its scope of healthcare services and build new capacities that encourage development. Southlake General Surgery additionally underpins front line research and education of patients and medical experts as significant parts supporting genuinely patient-centered care.

Executive Leadership

Dr. Valeria Simone, MD

CEO, President, Southlake General Surgery